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Internet security for children

The Internet contains plenty of useful information, nevertheless, it may provide real danger to your chid. Ill-intentioned people on social networks, shocking and inappropriate content on websites, propaganda of violence and drugs can harm your child.

First, please read the Internet use rules, and then do your best to learn the Parental Control settings in Windows and browser programs. In order to secure your child’s access to the Internet, you need to study and enable privacy settings and the content filter in search engines, app stores, games and YouTube.

If your child is active on the Internet, try to keep an eye on him/her and be aware of his/her interests and habits.

Install the computer within your sight, together with your child try to learn the computer; get registered online together, become friends online with your child in these social networks, study his/her posts and carefully direct their interests; at the same time try to be careful in your communication, so that your child does not get distant from you.

Teach your child responsibility when online, pay interest to his/her contacts and friends, explain that it is not desirable that they talk to strangers and explain them the danger of sharing their personal data or your personal data.

Be open with your child; show him/her that they can trust you.

Talk about Internet security to your child on a regular basis, ask him/her about their thoughts, dreams and aspirations; become a good friend to them rather than a “strict” parent.
Try not to block their access to the Internet, otherwise the child will find other ways to access the Internet, but without your control.

Internet security for children

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  • Internet access

    Internet access is provided via data transmission through several fibre-optic communication lines from the leading providers from Moldova. All the login nodes via optical fibre are doubled with extra radio channels in case of fiber optic connectivity fail or damage, which practically offers our clients Internet provision fault-free system.

  • VoIP

    VoIP represents the technology that allows combining the possibilities of conventional telephony and the Internet. The operating principle is simple – the voice is converted into compressed data packets, which are transmitted through the network to the addressee and then again decoded into speech.

  • IT Service

    Design and set-up of turnkey local networks, installation and optimisation of licence programs both for your business and home; technical maintenance of your computer and network equipment; repair of any equipment that you have – these are just a few examples of our IT services.

  • Hosting

    Hosting represents a service that provides space for physical placement of data on the server that is permanently connected to the Internet. A domain name is used for addressing the Internet nodes and network resources located on them (web sites, servers, e-mail servers and other services) in a user-friendly form. Simply put, Hosting and Domain are the two concepts that determine the location of a web site on the Internet. Hosting provides the necessary space to store your site in the Internet, while the Domain is responsible for its online address.

  • Data Centre

    Data Centre is a high-tech protected platform, on which virtual and dedicated servers of different companies are located. The purpose of the Data Centre is to provide customers with services related to software reliability and fault tolerance for storing and processing information (text, graphs, digital and other data). The high-end infrastructure, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipment, is the main feature of the modern Data Centre; this is why the Data Centre platform is equipped with the climate control system, uninterruptable power system, safety system and several independent fiber-optic Internet connection lines.